Learn the Hidden Truth Behind

Why You Crave Junk Food...

The Extract

Simple Spinach is designed
to help eliminate your desire
for snacks, sweets, and junk food
for hours at a time.


spinach extract

1 Bottle - $49.95 ea


spinach extract

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spinach extract

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High Purity, Highly Effective

Rest assured, Simple Spinach contains the purest spinach extract on the planet.
spinach extract

Top Quality, Best Results

With a premier, 20:1 purity — Simple Spinach has been carefully designed to quickly and efficiently calm your cravings for snacks, sweets, and junk food for hours at a time.

Just 1 pill, twice a day!

Brain’s Cravings

Calm Your Brain’s Cravings

Simple Spinach is designed to turn OFF your brain’s desire for junk food and help you feel satisfied and content throughout the day— even if you suffer with strong cravings or have a tendency to ‘eat your emotions’.

Get Full & Stay Full

Feel satisfied and content all day long.

Finally, kiss your sweet tooth goodbye and stay committed to your weight loss goals with ease. Get ready to never break your diet again.

Doctor Tami

Recommended by Dr. Tami,

Intended for you.

"I recommend Simple Spinach to my family, colleagues, and all of my patients, especially those who struggle to keep their appetite under control.

We introduce this supplement both before and after treatments to help calm cravings and suppress appetite for extended periods of time.

We do not recommend it as a weight loss regimen but many patients see positive results that directly support our in-clinic treatments."

Dr. Tami, M.D.
Double Board Certified M.D.
Chief Medical Director
Simple Spinach

Dr. Tami Meraglia is a double board certified M.D., NY Times Best Selling Author, leading authority on stem cell treatments in the U.S., and Chief Medical Director for Simple Spinach.

See what others are saying about Simple Spinach

I eat when I am stressed and I love sweets. My daughter's wedding is coming up and i am desperate to lose a few pounds so i don't look awful.

I bought a bottle of the Simple Spinach and am so happy i did! Within just a few days i noticed that I wasn't automatically going to the cupboard looking for a snack. in fact, It's only been 2 weeks but my jeans aren't quite so snug so i'm hopeful!

Paula, 38

I don't like traditional diets because they never work for me so I am just trying to eat better.

i've tried other supplements before and other spinach extract pills but nothing worked. I got some results but only after taking 12 pills per day. So many horse pills, I had to stop. with Simple Spinach I only take two a day and that 's it! I'm not as hungry and find I don't want donuts all the time :)

Julie, 44

i was really skeptical about Simple Spinach because I've tried regular diets and a bunch of different diet pills before but nothing has worked for me. Already there's been a change in my cravings and i'm not hungry all the time. I was even worried about negative side effects — but there's nothing bad about this. nojitters, no extra trips to the bathroom... i'm going to order more. Thank you, Simple Spinach!

Patti, 72

Great Results, Made Simple

Risk-Free Guarantee

We’re so confident you’ll love your Simple Spinach that you have 30 days to try our products RISK FREE. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your results, we will refund your purchase - no questions asked. And, we’ll cover the return cost for any unopened bottles.

Free US Shipping

Shipping can get quite expensive these days, which is why we offer free shipping with every domestic order as a thank you for your ongoing support. Whether you purchase one, three, or twelve 12 bottles, you will receive your package within 3-5 business days.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our entire customer service staff currently takes (and loves) Simple Spinach. They are standing by to share their feedback and answer any questions you may have. You can reach us via phone M-F 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST but 24/7 via email at support@simplespinach.com.

Frequently asked questions

  • When will I receive my Spinach Extract?
    We ship all order from our facility which is just outside of Los Angeles. Average transit time across country is 2-4 business days.
  • How does Simple Spinach reduce cravings?

    Research studies show that spinach extract improves digestion and increases the amount of "satiety hormones," in other words, hormones that tell your body and brain that you just ate a meal.

    So, the women in these studies report feeling more satisfied for longer after their meals, and report fewer thoughts about food, and a reduction in their cravings for sweet and fatty food.

    In some cases, studies show a 95% reduction in cravings. (citation: here)

  • Is this a weight-loss product? Will this help me lose weight?

    We make no claims about weight loss. Simple Spinach can help you reduce your cravings for sugary and fatty foods. And research studies with spinach extract show that people who take spinach extract lose more weight (43% more) than those who don't take spinach extract.

    Simple Spinach is a great supplement to pair with your current weight-loss program or diet to help reduce your cravings for junk food.

  • Can I just eat a lot of spinach and get the same benefits?

    No. The research shows that Spinach Extract can reduce cravings for sweet or fatty foods by 95%. There is no research showing a similar benefit with raw spinach.

    Spinach is very healthy, and we recommend eating spinach for overall health, wellness, and nutrition. And the research on a reduction in hunger and cravings, and improvement in digestion are only about spinach extract.

  • I am getting this for my children. What if they don't like it?

    Good news — Simple Spinach comes in a flavorless pill... so your kids can swallow it without tasting anything! So it will be simple and easy for them to take Simple Spinach.

    And we understand that your kids don't like eating vegetables.. A lot of parents today struggle finding a way to get their kids to eat their vegetables. LUCKY FOR YOU...

    Just 2 pills (1 daily serving) of Simple Spinach contains HALF OF YOUR DAILY DOSE OF VEGETABLES.

    *Now, we aren't saying, "Don't eat any vegetables with your Simple Spinach." In fact, we are saying the opposite. Vegetables are great! Spinach is great! Eat lots of them!

    What we are saying is that, according to the U.S. Center for Disease Control, "Adults who engage in < 30 minutes of moderate physical activity daily should consume 1.5–2.0 cup equivalents of fruit and 2–3 cups of vegetables daily." And a daily dose of Simple Spinach (2 pills) is equivalent to 1 cup of raw spinach. (citation: here)

  • What should I do if the expiration date on the bottle has passed?
    Even though the product would be safe to take, it's recommended to discard the product.
  • When is the best time to take the Spinach Extract?

    Simple Spinach is best taken in the morning, either with your breakfast or before your breakfast.

    However, many Simple Spinach supporters take in the morning and afternoon to help suppress appetite through the rest of the day.

    We recommend you use as needed. If you feel pesky hunger cravings coming on midway through the day, take another pill and see how you feel.

  • Why do you use capsules instead of solid pills?
    Spinach Extract is most effectively digested in capsule form. Our capsules are designed to make digestion simple and easy, and our pills have no taste, so even your kids won't complain about taking their daily dose of spinach!
  • Where is your production facility located?
    Los Angeles, CA.
  • How is Simple Spinach packaged?
    Simple Spinach supplements are encased in a 175cc White bottle. We will ship in a tuff guard poly bag with a packing slip inside. We do this to ensure your Simple Spinach gets to you quickly and safely.
  • How much Spinach is packed in each capsule?

    750 mg. of a 20-1 Pure Spinach Extract.

    The recommended daily dosage is 2 pills, so each day you get 1.5 grams of high-quality spinach extract, which is equivalent to 1 cup of raw spinach.

  • I own a store. How do I stock Simple Spinach on my shelves?
    Send us an email at support@simplespinach.com and tell us a bit more about your distribution channel(s). We are very selective about our wholesale partners but we would love to bring you into the family!
  • What if Simple Spinach doesn't work for me? What if it doesn't reduce my cravings?

    The most current data show that spinach extract significantly decreases cravings in women for sweet and fatty foods, up to a 95% reduction in cravings. (citation: here)

    And, if for some reason, you don't experience any benefit from Simple Spinach, or you aren't 100% satisfied with Simple Spinach, simply return the product within 30 days of purchase and we will send you a full refund.

    We stand behind our product 100%. And we want you to be 100% happy with your purchase.

  • What does it mean when you say the purity is 20:1?
    Every gram of our extract is equivalent to 20 grams of raw spinach, so it is called a 20:1 extract. So our 750 mg capsule is equivalent to .53 ounces of raw spinach, which is about ½ cup.
  • How long does your product stay fresh?
    3 years.
  • How should I store my Spinach Extract?
    Room temperature.
  • How much Spinach Extract can I consume in a day?
    2 capsules is the recommended daily dose.
  • Are your bottles recyclable?

    We at Simple Spinach are dedicated to quality and sustainability. That is why our Simple Spinach bottles are 100% recyclable.

    In the future we are planning to create packaging that is made from 100% recycled materials. We seek to recycle, reuse, and repurpose whenever possible.

  • Where do you ship from?
    Pacoima, CA.
  • Can my kids take the Spinach Extract?
    Yes. Simple Spinach is not recommended for babies or infants still nursing. And Simple Spinach is healthy and safe for children over 2 years old.
  • Can your Spinach Extract be used as a meal replacement?
    Simple Spinach does not have enough calories for your body to adequately rely on it as a meal replacement so we do not recommend using it as a meal replacement.
  • Can I use Spinach Extract with coffee?
    Yes. It's great with coffee!
  • Where is Simple Spinach located?
    The company got its start in the greater Pacific Northwest in 2017. Our headquarters are located in the heart of Seattle, WA but our team is located around the World from San Diego to Toronto and down to Orlando.
  • How can I recycle a Simple Spinach product?
    The bottle is made of HDPE plastic and can be recycled.
  • What allergens are present in your facility or products?
    We manufacture products that do contain soy, wheat, milk, and egg.